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When we return to school, we will make sure to read the 1000 Year Old Boy – we only have a few chapters left – so we know the ending 😊


Today, we are going to start our new class text – Floodland, by Marcux Sedgwick


Most days, I will be sending a recording of my reading of the chapter (once I’ve worked out how to do this) and pictures of the pages for your to read along at the same time.


There will then be comprehension questions to answer. There will be two types of questions – red and green. Most of you should be completing the red questions, except for some of you, that I will let know separately. So if you don’t hear from me, do the red!


So here we go! Instead of a recording of a chapter today, we are going to look at the front cover. Questions are below and then answers are on the document so you can self-mark (if you are unsure about an answer, just let me know; your answers will not be exactly the same as mine but should mean roughly the same). Remember to answer in full sentences.

  1. Vocabulary: What impression do the words ‘Surviving in a devastated’ world suggest about the book.  [2 marks]


  1. Infer: Look at the picture of the girl on the cover. What inferences can we make about her character just using the picture?    [3 marks]


  1. Predict: Which of the following is the story most likely to be: adventure, romantic, sci-fi or historical? Explain your answer. [2 marks]



  1. Where is the girl? Give me two details about her location.
  2. What is the girl looking at?
  3. Who is the author?
  4. Why do you think the girl is alone?