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Right, I’m sure you all want to begin reading Floodland after just studying the cover yesterday.

Below is a video of me reading the pages (please do excuse any mistakes, I’ve tried to correct them) and then a PDF so you can check at your own pace. I suggest you watch me reading first to get a rough idea of the chapter, then use the PDF to help you answer the questions. Answers are then below.

Chapter 1 read.mp4

Still image for this video

1. Vocabulary: What phrase on Page 7 shows you that Zoe is quickly leaving Norwich behind? [1 mark]


2. Infer: Why does Zoe think the boat could possibly have already been found? [Page 5] [1 mark]


3. Predict: Predict where Zoe’s travels will take her. [2 marks]


4. Explain: Do you like Zoe? Why? [2 marks]


5. Retrieve: What is the name of the friend that Zoe leaves behind? [1 mark]


6. Summarise: Summarise Zoe’s escape from Norwich in twenty words or less. [3 marks]



  1. Where is the story set?
  2. Why does Norwich get small every year?
  3. What has Zoe named her boat?
  4. What is the name of the friend that Zoe leaves behind?
  5. What precious thing does Zoe still have on her?