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So we have finished Floodland!


Before we move onto our next book tomorrow, I want us to review the book.


However, we are not just going to do a simple book review.


Instead, I would like you to create a book dust jacket. If you have a hardback book in your house, it probably has one of these on. They are the paper section wrapped around a hardback book. They are what the reader first sees when they pick up the book. The picture below shows this.

I would like you to make a dust jacket for a hardback copy of Floodland.

You will need to design the back and the front.

Get an A4 piece of paper and fold it in half.

On the front, you need to draw an appropriate front cover. It should show you what the book is about (without giving everything away) and make the reader want to delve inside.

Then, on the second half of your dust jacket (the back) – you need two things:

  • a blurb (a short paragraph summarising the book)
  • a quote about the book from you (for example, “This book will keep you on the edge of your seat” Miss Davey)
  • some decoration/pictures, keeping with the theme of the front cover
  • a barcode

(If you want to include a spine in the middle of the front and back, please do!)


I have put some more inspiration below for you, see how they have chosen the pictures and colours to show what the book is about.

Remember, your aim today is to show why you enjoyed Floodland, that you understood its contents and you are able to design a dust jacket to catch a reader’s attention.

I can’t wait to see them and hopefully I can share some with you tomorrow.