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Once you have read the chapter along with me, here are your questions. The question number shows from what page of the chapter the answer will be found, so for Q1, you need to look at page one, Q2’s answer is on the second page etc.


Please answer in short, full sentences.


  1. Who caught Kestrel after her escape from the tunnel?
  2. What was the Special Teaching building made out of?
  3. Why could Kestrel not see the window in the cell straight away?
  4. What district was the examiner from?
  5. What building was at the centre of the Imperial Palace?
  6. Why did a chill run through Kestrel?
  7. What did Kestrel use to stop the men from following her into the tower?
  8. What could Kestrel see from the second window?
  9. Give one feature that we are told about the man who opened the door.