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In this chapter, we were introduced to The Emperor. For your task, I would like you to consider what you have found out about him. Choose either the green or purple tasks (most of you should be completing purple, this is the Year 6 style question).



Copy and complete these sentences:

  1. The Emperor’s official name was Creaoth the ______.
  2. The Emperor loved eating ___________.
  3. The Emperor’s map showed the way to retrieve the _________.
  4. Kestrel has to follow the map so that Amaranth with be free of the ______.
  5. As he was so tired from his visitor, the Emperor just went to ________.


When you have finished, mark these with the answers below.

These are three mark questions. Remember, you need to provide two points with evidence.

  1. What can Kestrel see from the tower beyond the city walls? [3 marks]
  2. Why does the emperor say that he is ‘a disgrace to his ancestors’? [3 marks]
  3. Why do you think that Kestrel is the chosen one to retrieve the wind singer? [3 marks]