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Time for Chapter 2 (Part 2)…

Part2, Chapter 2.mp4

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Only complete the green questions if I have told you to do so on Dojo please. The majority of you are to complete red 😊


1. Vocabulary: What does scrawny mean? Why might the girls be scrawny? [2 marks]


2. Infer: ‘If civilization was starting to leave Norwich, it had left here a long time ago’ – explain this phrase.


3. Predict: Predict how Sarah and Molly will behave towards Zoe the following day. Explain your answer. [2 marks]


4. Explain: Why did Sedgwick [the author] give us back story on how Zoe found the boat? [1 mark]


5. Retrieve: Who is Sarah’s boyfriend? [1 mark]


6. Summarise: Do you like Sarah and Molly? Why? [2 marks]


  1. How did most people get their food from in Norwich?
  2. Why could they just pick whichever house they wanted?
  3. Where did Zoe find the boat?
  4. What food was in the old warehouse?
  5. Who is Sarah’s boyfriend?
  6. Why does Zoe cry at the end of the chapter?