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LI: I can set up a database


Yesterday, we chose our database fields. I have put them below (you may have chosen to include some more).

  • Location
  • Death toll
  • Date
  • Measurement on the Richter scale

The first is qualitative and the last three are quantitative.

Today, I would like you to begin your database. This will require you to follow these instructions carefully.

Here is what you need to do:


1. Go to the website

2. Choose the network as Google

3. Sign in with the following (this is the same as we used for our blogs in the Autumn term):


Password: Downstairs6



4. Click on an icon on the right that says j2data

5. Click database

6. Now you can complete your data fields for your database:

  • Write your data in the field name (e.g. location)
  • Choose the type of data (either text or number)
  • Tick unique (because every set of data will be different)
  • Repeat with your other three pieces of data



7. Once you have put all 4 sets in, click save at the top. It will ask for a title, use your initials for this so that I can see whose work it is.

8. If you click ‘load’ at the top, you can see that your database is there ready for tomorrow! (I’m sure that you don’t need to be reminded that you should not be changing anyone else’s databases on there. As Year 6, we can all use this site together respectfully.)


Tomorrow, we will begin putting in the data 😊