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LI: I can choose database fields and distinguish between qualitative and quantitative data


Today, we are going to create a database


What is a database?


Click the link below to find out. Once you have watched the video, consider what type of information each building in the picture would need to keep in a database. Then click on it to see if you were correct.

There are two types of data: qualitative and quantitative.

Qualitative data = words, for example, the names of pupils

Quantitative data = numbers (think quant… as in quantity), for example, the age of pupils


For your first task today, I would like you to decide if the following are examples of qualitative or quantitative data. These are all results from scientific experiments. Write each number with the word qualitative or quantitative next to it (careful of spellings).

Once you are done, see if you have got them correct with the answers below.


  1. The gummy worm increased by 2 inches.
  2. There were four dogs in the group.
  3. The dogs were small.
  4. The sample contained three different types of bacteria.
  5. The rock sample consisted of 25 grams of quartz.
  6. The rock sample was reddish brown.
  7. The sample with the baking soda appeared to the bubbly.
  8. The leaves on the first plant specimen seemed healthier.
  9. The first plant specimen had three more leaves that the second.
  10. The leaves on the first plant specimen were green. The leaves on the second were turning brown.
  11. The patient complained of aches and pains.
  12. The patient had a temperature of 38 degrees.



We are going to be creating a database for earthquake data.

What might we be able to find out about earthquakes?

For your second task, make a list in your books of the qualitative and quantitative data we could find.

Did you think of any of these?

  • Location
  • Death toll
  • Date
  • Measurement on the Richter scale

The first is qualitative and the last three are quantitative.

These are the four sets of data that we will collect tomorrow when we will make our database. If you thought of some more and would like to add them in, go for it!



Tomorrow, we will begin to make our databases online. :)