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Silent letters quiz today. Watch the video below for all the information.

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LI: I can edit my portal story


Editing day! All information is included in the video below.


Just to add to the video, from seeing some of your endings yesterday, many were quite short. They therefore cannot show that you write a good story for your audience as the reader may feel disappointed at the rushed ending. When your editing, see if you can increase and improve these today if you have only written a few sentences. (If you wrote a lot more yesterday, ignore this!)


If you are looking for greater depth, I’ve added a few more ideas below the video.


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To assess at greater depth, I will also be looking for the following elements:

  • Excellent description included throughout and a clear, story line that always makes sense
  • A change in writing style for the elements in direct speech to show a sense of character
  • A balance of not too formal, but not completely informal in your writing style
  • All punctuation used correctly throughout