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We are thinking about tenses in SPAG this week.

For today, there are two different tasks – a green and a purple. You choose which one you do, you do not need to do both. I suggest you do the green task if you had some tense editing to do on Friday. If you are confident with tenses, try the purple.


Green task

The sentences below have been given in the simple present tense. You need to copy the next sentence into your book (the one with the missing gap), changing the verb so that it is now in the simple past tense.

Purple task

Take a look at the tenses grid that we used in class last term. Remind yourself of the simple and perfect tenses.

Then, change these sentences into the past tense. The first five need to be past simple. The rest need to be present perfect.

LI: I can present and assess my portal story

Our final day today to work on our portal stories. I am going to spend the afternoon assessing them on the grids, just like I did a few weeks ago with your persuasive texts.

There are two tasks today.


Task 1

Today, you will write up all your sections of your story in one place, just like we would do on yellow paper in school. Gather up all your sections and write the story up in your neatest handwriting, including all your edits from Friday. If I were you, I'd put some nice relaxing music on in the background just like we do in class.

For those of you who have written loads, I have messaged you about what to do separately.


Task 2

For this task, you will need some coloured pencils or highlighters. I would like you to make a key at the bottom of your work, and highlight the following elements.

  • 5/6 spelling words
  • Fronted adverbials
  • Conjunctions
  • Apostrophes
  • Hyphens


Finally, please send across your final hot write for assessment.

Please send the whole story at the same time. I need to see it written out neatly and colour coded. I’m really looking forward to my time reading through all your stories and seeing what lies behind the portals!