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This week in grammar, we are going to be focused on sentence structure. This is all revision, we have covered this in class before.

Today, we are going to explore subordinate and relative clauses.


Click the link below, reading through the text very carefully and watching the videos. Then complete activities 1 and 2 only.

Activity 1 is online.

Activity 2 will need a pen and paper, then please do mark it.

LI: I can be creative with words


Our literacy unit for the next two weeks is…

We will be focusing on imagination and description to write poems and descriptive paragraphs.

As it says above, for activity 1, you need to make a list of places. Aim for at least 40 places. To do this, you need to think, and it may take some time.

This is what writers do; they take time to think and plot a range of ideas before choosing the perfect one!

So now make a list of at least 20 abstract nouns. Most will end in -ness, -tion or -sion.

Now combine your two sets of ideas to make a list of 20 places. I can’t wait to see what you have come up with!