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Many of you have parenthesis as your writing target this week.

For today’s SPAG, I would like you to complete the activity that I have set on

This will allow me to see if there are any questions that confuse you and I will go over these tomorrow. Please complete by this afternoon so that I can do this.

If you have forgotten your log-in, just message me on Dojo and I’ll send it across.


LI: I can improve a persuasive text

We look to persuade people every day when we want them to do something. An example of this is an estate agent; they want people to buy houses and so use lots of persuasive techniques to show them that the house is perfect for their needs!

I have a letter today from an estate agent.

The letter has some issues. Firstly, it is missing some words and secondly, it isn’t very cohesive or persuasive yet!

I would like you to rewrite the following passage about the dodgy-looking house to get people to see its potential. Fill in the missing gaps and extend the sentences. You will need to re-write the passage, not just print off to complete as you will not be able to fit enough editing in.


While doing this, make sure you include the following:

  • Emotive/exaggerated vocabulary
  • Fronted adverbials
  • Conjunctions
  • Modal verbs
  • Your target


Below are also some really useful phrases for a persuasive text.


I will model the first sentence for you.

It currently says…

A ___________ opportunity to buy this ________ house.

I am going to look to use some exaggerated words for the gaps and use a fronted adverbial. I am also going to pretend that parenthesis is my target

Just for you, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity (it is only on sale for one week) to buy this unique house.

Hopefully you can see here how I have improved this sentence to a Year 6 standard. Off you go. You could start by copying my first sentence, or using your own ideas. Then continue with the rest of the passage.