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Our focus today will be on phrases and clauses.

Watch this video to remind us about the difference:

What are phrases and clauses? | Oxford Owl

Now choose either the green or purple challenge.


Green challenge:

On the upcoming picture, number the sentences from 1 to 9. Then write in your books if the underlined section is a phrase or a clause. Answers are then below.

Purple challenge:

Click on the link below. Go through the 8 revise sections. (It says that it is for KS3, but there is nothing here that we don’t need to know too!)

Once you have looked through all 8, then click on the test tab where you will have 10 questions. Complete these and let me know your score.

LI: I can analyse poems

Great poems yesterday! Here are just some of the examples.

Task 1: decide upon which one from the gallery about is your favourite and explain why.

We are now going to look at taking these poems further. The poem below still has repetition, but also allows for many more ideas. Take a read and then there is a link to listen below if you wish too.

Task 2: You now have five questions to answer about the poem. Think about them carefully and respond in full sentences. For question 5, imagine that you are a teacher, marking the poem and this is your final feedback.