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To begin today, watch this video to address some of the trickier questions from yesterday’s SPAG work.

Parenthesis Corrections.mp4

Still image for this video

Today in SPAG we are going to explore hyphens.


Hyphens are used for a few reasons and today we are going to think about their use with compound adjectives.


Compound adjectives are two adjectives joined together to make one word.


See the examples below:

See how the two sentences are very similar but when the adjectives come before the noun, they need a hyphen between them.


In the wordsearch below, there are ten compound adjectives to find. They are missing the hyphen. Make a list of the ten compound adjectives with the hyphens. (If you wish to print this image off, please do, but them write the list of compound adjectives with hyphens below.)

The answers are then below to mark.


Before we begin our literacy lesson, I spoke to many of you on Dojo yesterday about expanding your ideas. With our literacy tasks, it can be easy to rush them, but we then don’t show off our full writing ability.


With your upcoming literacy tasks, please read the success criteria carefully for what you need to include and make sure your target is met. Below, I have a good example of yesterday’s work where the author has included their target and expanded their sentences to show their Year 6 writing.

LI: I can make a toolkit for persuasion

Today’s lesson does not involve much writing, instead you need to read and think carefully.

Begin today by re-reading the model text to help you remember it. If you want to say it aloud with actions (like we would in class), please do!

We can box up this text in the following way. Make sure to look at this properly, as you will be using this format for your own write later on this week.

Choose the top 5 writing features that you will use in your text to persuade. You are basically making a Success Criteria. If you want to write more than 5, feel free!

Think about everything we have learnt over the past few lessons and what you will want to include in your own text later on in the week.

Hints: look at the features in the model text above that you could magpie; you could use your target; think about the tense and the person you should use

Send me over your final toolkit on Dojo. You can write them in a list or be more imaginative with your presentation (for example, the features in a toolkit).