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We are going to continue with hyphens in SPAG today.


Click on the link below. Watch the video and then complete activities 1 and 2.


Activity 1: An activity on the webpage.


Activity 2: I have included the pictures for you below. Write a sentence with a hyphen for each of the 5 pictures. To help, you could use some of the compound adjectives that you found in the wordsearch yesterday. Then send these sentences to me on Dojo.

To begin today, I have a great piece of work to show you from yesterday. I really like how this has been set out neatly and they have extended their task by giving some examples of the toolkit. Keep your toolkits safe everyone, we will be using them soon!

LI: I can punctuate quotations


See if you can spot the quotation in the model text.

The quotation is here and below is how you ensure it is introduced and punctuated correctly (a success criteria for quotations).

Your task today is to write three quotations using the advertising videos below. I am going to model one for you first using this video.

New Walkers MixUps TV Advert

Listen to what Gary Linakerwho used to be a famous footballer – has to say about Walkers’ crazy new product: These new Walkers cheesy mix-ups are good; all our favourites in one bag!


See how I’ve followed the success criteria above. I have also tried to make it persuasive using exaggerated language and I’m showing off my skill to use a semi-colon too! I only chose to quote part of Gary’s speech, just the most persuasive part.


Your turn!

Write a quotation sentence for each of the videos below.

1. Choose your favourite quote from Usian Bolt advertising Virgin Media

2. Holly says a lot in this advert. Choose the most persuasive quote.

3. Choose the most persuasive quote about Jaguar electric cars from Andrew Murray.