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Reasons why we need to use hyphens:

  1. Compound adjectives (as we used with our animals pictures yesterday)
  2. Joining two nouns to make a new noun or adjective, e.g. skeleton-head or student-teacher
  3. In between a prefix and root work IF the prefix ends in a vowel, and then root word begins with a vowel. This will stop the two vowels being right next to each other, e.g. co-operate or de-escalate
  4. In between a prefix and a root work to make it clear, e.g. re-press means to press something again. Without the hyphen, it is repress which means to stop something forcefully
  5. In between numbers from 21-99, e.g. twenty-one or eighty-five
  6. Informal words or phrases, e.g. free-for-all

See the document below if you need more help understanding these…

Re-write the sentences below. Each one needs a hyphen. (Answers are then below so that you can mark.)

To begin today, I just wanted to show you two excellent examples of the quotations work from yesterday. I know that some of your struggled with the sentences and punctation, so read through these examples below and then we can include quotations in our own hot writes.

LI: I can expand my ideas using a mindmap


We have now been learning about persuasion texts for a week so it is time to begin designing your own gadget for your hot task.


I would like you to design your own gadget and draw a picture of it. There are some ideas that you could magpie below, or you could create your very own.

Your picture will now be the centre of your mindmap. You now need to expand your ideas so that you have a lot of information to use to persuade the reader in your hot write.

Include the following on your mindmap:

  • A catchy name for the gadget
  • The audience you wish to sell it to
  • Key features of the gadget
  • Key reasons for buyers to purchase it

Your final piece of work today should look something like this…