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Each day, we will begin with a something related to SPAG (spelling, grammar or punctuation).

During your weather reports yesterday, many of you forgot the power of the fronted adverbial to make your writing cohesive!

You each have an activity for fronted adverbials assigned on I think you all have log-in details to hand, if not, please just message me.

Your scores get sent to me and I will look at them later tonight 😊


LI: I can cold write a persuasive text

Now to our writing unit.

We are going to spend the next lessons focusing on our persuasive writing. To do that, we are going to have the enter the world of spies!

Mine in Indigo Neo. I’m quite happy with that!


During this writing unit, we will be looking at writing an advert that you may get on TV, in a magazine or on the radio. Today is cold write day. When you sent your work in yesterday, you will have seen feedback from me. Make sure you use this in today’s writing.

Today, I would like you to think of a gadget that is perfect for a spy. This could be one that you have seen in a spy programme or book, or could be from your imagination.

Write a text to persuade me that I (a spy-in-training) need to buy this gadget.

You then need to send me over your final pieces of Dojo. From this, I will give you one target to work on in writing for the next few weeks. I will also be able to see if there are any whole-class elements that we really need to work on 😊


Tomorrow – it will be time for the model text and to explore the vocabulary of persuasion!