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I would again today like us to focus on fronted adverbials. Below are some sentences. Please re-write each one, putting the adverbial at the front with a commas.


I will wash my car with care.

  1. Find the adverbial phrase that describes the verb (wash). In this sentence it is ‘with care’.
  2. Put this at the front of your sentence.
  3. Put a comma after the phrase then finish the rest of the sentence

= With care, I will wash my car.

Your turn with the sentences below. Then open the document to mark your work.

LI: I can identify persuasive vocabulary


To begin, if you haven’t yet completed your cold write, please do so. Then send it over to me so I can give you a target. Look at yesterday’s literacy lesson for more help on this.

Today, I am going to introduce you to our writing assessment grids. This is what I shall be using in Year 6 to assess your writing. You need to be able to prove that you can use all these elements to show that you are ‘working at’ in writing. I am showing you these so that you can see what we are aiming towards 😊

Take a look and then watch the video below so that I can explain the grid to you.

Writing Expectations.mp4

Still image for this video

Now that we have gone through these expectations, see which ones you have achieved in your cold write yesterday. Does it show that you can do all the things (except those for a narrative) to meet the ‘working towards’ or ‘working at standard’?


Ok, now onto the main part of the  lesson where we are going to introduce ourselves to the model text.

You can listen to it and read it below:

Here is your task for the day to help build up vocabulary to a persuasive text:

Tomorrow, it will be time to really stretch those persuasive writing muscles!