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We are beginning some spelling work on silent letters today.


I would like you to follow the link and just watch the two videos. Ignore the activities below for now. In the second video, use your pen and paper to join along. The teacher in the video asks you to draw a grid and then gives you words to write in. Please do this, but don’t look at the video, just listen and try to spell the words yourself. When he then asks you to write the words with unstressed vowels, again, don’t look at the screen and write them independently.


Good luck! Send me your written work and I’ll see how we can progress tomorrow.

LI: I can write the opening of a portal story


Hot write day!


All of the information is in the two videos below, watch closely and then everything you need it attached below.


I look forward to seeing your first two sections on Dojo

For those of you who are looking to tick off some of the greater depth sections as well, I have included another video at the bottom of the page. This is for those of you who got ‘green’ on the majority of the boxes in your last hot write

Hot write lesson 1.1.mp4

Still image for this video

Hot write lesson 1.2.mp4

Still image for this video

Writing for greater depth.mp4

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