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Yesterday, we began to look at silent letters in spelling. We are going to continue this today.


Below is a short story with 20 spelling mistakes. You do not need to copy out the whole story, I would just like a list of the 20 words spelt correctly, with their missing letter included.


Good luck and the answers are below to mark afterwards.



The Silent Spook

On a dark, cold autum night, all was quiet in the haunted librry. The our was twelve.


In the freezing tempratures, only one gostly old knight was frightningly flitting between the shelves. He had come out of his tom and left his casle on a shadowy iland, to find his missing sord.


All was silent and the spook floated about without a sound. He was num with cold and his every spooky bone and musle ached, but he was desprate to know where his property had gone.


He looked with intrest along the shelves, searching for a book about old weapons. At last, he found a refrence, written in an old book, to a rusty blade. It had been found under a stone at a nearby scool.


The gost raised a thum and shattered the silence with a cackling laugh.


'Marvllous!' he croaked. 'I have found you at last, after a hole night searching!'

LI: I can write the middle section of my portal story

Hot write day take 2!

Again, everything is in the video below.

I look forward to seeing your first two sections on Dojo.

Hot write middle section 1.mp4

Still image for this video

Hot write middle section 2.mp4

Still image for this video

Here’s a reminder of the order to go through today as said on the video:

  1. Read through yesterday’s work
  2. Look at the assessment sheet and make a note of 3 or 4 elements that you will try to include (like I did in green)
  3. Choose some Year 5/6 words to include
  4. Write up sections 3 and 4 of your story. Take your time and enjoy!
  5. Read back through to check for any silly mistakes or small edits.