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LI: I can explore the creation of volcanoes

Yesterday, we found out that we all live on the crust of the Earth and that there is so much going on below.

The crust, however, is not just one big section of rock. It is split up into plates.

This can be shown using an egg.

Watch this to find out more…

Introduction to Volcanoes.mp4

Still image for this video

Your task today is to sort these into true and false. Feel free to number them and just write true or false in your books. You can then mark them afterwards and I’m sure you’ll learn something new about volcanoes!


See below for an optional practical task!

Volcanic eruptions are often quick and sudden. See below…

Geography Lesson: What is a Volcano? | Twig

Can you recreate this sudden explosion? Using some ingredients that you will probably have in your house, have a go to make your own explosion (this is an optional task).

Tomorrow, we are going to look at the tectonic plates in greater detail.