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LI: I can understand how tectonic plates move and how they impact different parts of the world


We are going to have one more geography week so that we have a clear understanding of how natural disasters are formed.


Our question that we will answer at the end of the week is:

Why are some places more effected by natural disasters?


Have a think for a moment and consider if you would have some answers to this question already?

On Friday, we imagined the world like an egg with a cracked shell. Each part of this shell on the Earth’s crust is called a tectonic plate. It is the movement of these tectonic plates that causes many natural disasters.


Tectonic plates move in lots of different ways. We can watch the video below to see this.


Before you watch, grab two straight-sided biscuits. As the video goes through the different types of plate movement, simulate that with your biscuits.

After you have watched this, watch me below to explain further…

Tectonic Plates.mp4

Still image for this video

Head to this website, clicking on the different locations to see how tectonic plates move in different places.

You now have two tasks.


Task 1: Based on what I said in the video, make a list of 5 safe places to live in the world and 5 places which are less safe (as they are more likely to have earthquakes and volcanoes). You may need to use an atlas or Google Maps, as well as the map from the video above. Send these lists to me for me to check on Dojo.


Task 2: To assess your understanding of tectonic plates, write the sentences below, matching up the beginning and end of the sentences. Then click on the answers to mark.