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Before we begin our history lesson today, I would just like to remind you that our written work should be just as fantastic as it is in our English. Below is a fantastic piece of work of the quality we should all be aiming for. See that the writing is punctuated well and the author has taken time to think about her answers, using her research.

LI: I can answer a historical question

It’s our last history lesson today! We have spent a lot of time thinking about the eruption of Vesuvious and what happened to the people around.

Watch the video below to refresh your memory:

Geography Lesson: Pompeii Volcano Eruption | Twig

Today we are answering the question:

Why was the eruption of Vesuvius so destructive to Pompeii and could a disaster on this scale happen again?

There are two parts to this question and some things to think about:

Part 1: Why was the eruption so destructive?

So you need to think about why and how it killed lots of people and what the people did to make so many of them die.

Part 2: Could a disaster on this scale happen again?

For this part, why is it not likely that a whole town will be wiped out again? Think about our modern lifestyle and how we would prevent it or at least stop some of the damage.


Your answer needs to be in two paragraphs, one for each part of the question. (Make sure you write the question as your title first.)

Try to include all of the vocabulary below.

You may wish to do some more online research to help you or speak to your families about what you are going to write first.

I look forward to seeing your final history answers on Dojo 😊 (This is our final assessment piece, so I need an answer from everyone please!)

  • Pompeii
  • Vesuvius
  • Sources
  • Pliny
  • Romans
  • tremor
  • ash