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Our final two block lessons this term will be PSHE and focused on the topic Dreams and Goals.


Year 6 is an important time in your life as it will be the final year at primary school. This half term holiday marks the mid-way point in

Year 6 and so is a great time to reflect on your past and look ahead to your future.


We will begin thinking about Dreams and Goals for a little while today and then tomorrow, we will focus all our learning around it.


First up today, I would like you complete this self-reflection activity. Look at the strength cards below and write down any that you think you have. (Instead of writing ‘other’ for the final one, include here any strengths that you have that are not on the cards.)

It is so important that we believe in ourself and our abilities. I hope that you write down at least six of the cards above as your strengths because we are all good at many things.

Next, watch the video below. While doing this, think about why I have chosen this video in relation to our topic Dreams and Goals.

CGI **Award-Winning** 3D Animated Short : "Soar" - by Alyce Tzue | TheCGBros

In this video, the girl has a dream and works towards this goal. Don’t worry about the fictional elements of the video, in the end, her dream has come true!


What is your dream goal?


Your final task today is to write down two dream goals that you want to aim for.

The first is a goal to reach by the end of Year 6.

The second is a goal to reach at another time in the future.

Record just these in just two sentences on paper, we will use them tomorrow.