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We will start each maths lesson with 4 quick questions to get our brains firing!
Then mark with the document. Good luck!

LI: I can plot co-ordinates in four quadrants


Before Christmas, we began our work on position and direction with one lesson! We have 3 more lessons to go on this topic, beginning with today.


In our previous lesson, we looked at plotting co-ordinates in the first quadrant (remember, along the corridor and up the stairs).


Today we are looking at all four quadrants.


Begin by watching the following video, please think about the questions that the teacher asks, but ignore when she says to start the work sheet as we will be doing something different after.

Head to this page and watch the second video: Four Quadrants


As normal, you now have 4 tasks to choose from. Choose a colour that you would normally complete in class, don’t do anything too easy or too tricky!

Here are the answers to mark. If you get quite a few wrong, make sure you work out why! Ask me if you need 😊