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We start each maths lesson with 4 quick questions to get our brains firing!
Then mark with the document. Good luck!

Before we begin today’s maths, I just want to go over a question that many of you struggled with yesterday – Q4 on red.

Red Q4.mp4

Still image for this video

LI: I can translate shapes

Now we can plot coordinates in all four quadrants, we are going to look at translating shapes.

This means to move them.

Watch the video below. Make sure you pause and have a think about the questions as you go through. If it says about classmates, you will have to imagine them. Talk to anyone/anything you wish! Watch until the end!

Aut6.13.3 - Translations

As normal, you now have 4 tasks to choose from. Choose a colour that you would normally complete in class, don’t do anything too easy or too tricky! Answers are them below.