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LI: I can begin to understand the effect religion has on peace and conflict


Welcome to our RE block. We are going to be thinking deeply over the next few lessons and at the end, we will answer the question:

How and why does religion bring peace and conflict?


So we will be wondering if believing in a religion makes war more likely, or if people are more likely to live in a peaceful way.

Let’s begin with refreshing our memories about the key religions we will focus on: Christianity, Hinduism and Judaism.

Using the document below, write the names of the three religions. Then, draw their symbol, their place of worship, their holy book and one belief next to each one.

Then, use the second document to mark.

Now, lets start to think about our question. Watch the video from the link below, it is the first video with the title, ‘Explore the Issues’.

Now, answer these three questions in full sentences (scrolling down on the page may help you too):

  1. What is the golden rule of religions?
  2. What is a pacifist?
  3. Can you name a pacifist and what they achieved?
  4. What is a ‘just war’?