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LI: I can consider how religious groups can meet peacefully


Today, we are continuing to think about the question:

How and why does religion bring peace and conflict?


Over history, there have been many attempts to bring different religious people together.

One example of this is the House of Religions, which was built in Bern, in Switzerland.

This building contains space for eight different religious groups to work and pray together. This shows that different religions can share space in peace, without the need for fighting.


Your task today is to design your own House of Religions. The House must have:

  • A place for Christian prayer
  • A place for Hindu prayer
  • A place for Jewish prayer

You may need to do some research to see what these different religious people will need in their areas to make them feel comfortable.

You can draw your design in any way you wish. It will need labels to make it really clear.


It would be lovely to share some of these designs with the rest of the class on Monday.


Your design will show that it is possible for religion to come together in peace and harmony.