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LI: I can consider appropriate reasons for war

Today, we are continuing to think about the question:

How and why does religion bring peace and conflict?


On Friday, we thought about how religions can work together for peace.


Today we are going to think about the other side: why religion may cause war.

There have been thousands of wars and battles over the last 2000 years. To name a few, there were:

  • World War 1 and World War 2
  • The Crusades around 1000 years ago
  • The Crimean War (you may remember this as the war that brought Florence Nightingale to fame)
  • The Battle of Hastings


Some of these wars were caused solely by religion and others were caused partly by religious differences.


Today, I would like you to consider the reasons for a ‘just’ war.

Firstly, draw out the pyramid below (or print if you can). Do not write what is in the boxes!


Next, you need to write (or stick) these reasons in the boxes. As you will see, the most important reason needs to go at the top and the least important at the bottom. The others should then be ordered in between. All the reasons to use are in the document below.


I’m very interested to see your final answers!