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Task 1

As we said yesterday, we are now at the mid-way point in Year 6. Coming up, you have your end-of-school celebrations, your first day of secondary school and your whole future ahead of you!

It is therefore the perfect time to set your dream goals for the future and consider how  you are going to achieve them.


Today, I would like you to choose one of your goals that you set at the end of yesterday’s lesson and make a totem pole to represent your journey to that goal.

Here is what a totem pole looks like. They are originally aboriginal pieces of art that were used to show history and journeys (just like the journey you will go on to reach your goal).

Your totem pole will show what you need to do to make it to your goal. It can be made out of anything you wish, with all the elements stuck onto of each other, with the final achievement at the top. If you would prefer to draw in 2D, then you may, but 3D would be more realistic and spectacular!


For example, a goal of mine at the moment is to re-learn how to play the piano fluently. My steps to achieving this are:

  1. Buy exciting piano music
  2. Allow time to practice daily
  3. Play for my friends and family
  4. I will then feel confident to play fluently 😊

So my totem pole could be musical notes at the bottom, a clock on top of that, an audience of people and then a piano. I’ve attempted to create a 2D version here:

I can’t wait to see your designs today on Dojo.