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Task 2

We have spent some time this week writing some poetry.

We have also spent some time over the past few weeks thinking about some problems in our world, such as natural disasters and war.

The pictures in the document below may remind you of some of these problems.

The good news is that we have you! Your generation will change the world! When you are my age, and definetly your grandparents age, the world will look like a very different place and you will have a part in that!


What would you want the world to look like?


I would like you to write a poem entitled – ‘My Dream for the World’


It can be any type of poem you wish (for example, free form, haiku, acrostic). All it needs to do is show the reader how you want the world to change, and maybe how you expect (alongside others) to do that. You may choose to write about lots of issues that you want to change. You may choose to focus on one that is really important to you.


Present your poem in whichever way you want.


I can’t wait to see your wishes for the future!