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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Chair of Governors:                                 Revd. Margaret Shaw

Headteacher:                                            Mr Mark Millbourne

Acting Deputy Headteacher:                 Miss Sarah Gorton

Pastoral Support Coordinator:              Mrs Julie Smith

Pupil Welfare/Admin Assistant:           Miss Vicky Watson

SENCO:                                                       Mrs Nicole Roberts

Office Manager:                                       Mrs Jacqui Ling




Class Teacher: Mrs Karen Stapleton
Class Teacher: Mrs Deryn Paternoster
TA: Mrs Karen Wood

TA: Mrs Katie Pettifer

Year 1

Class Teacher: Mrs Jackie King

Class Teacher: Mrs Deryn Paternoster
TA: Mrs Jacqui Sheppard

Year 2

Class Teacher: Miss Tyler Davey
TA: Ms Melanie Poole
HLTA: Mrs Rebecca Lambert

HLTA: Mrs Samantha Edgar

Year 3

Class Teacher: Miss Helen Smith
TA: Mrs Diane Smith

Year 4

Class Teacher: Mrs Nicole Roberts

Class Teacher: Mr Steven Hawthorne
TA: Ms Fiona Powell

Year 5

Class Teacher: Miss Sarah Gorton

Year 6

Class Teacher: Mr Dan Booth
HLTA: Mrs Adrienne Andrews

TA: Mrs Nicola Knight


PPA/Intervention Teachers:
Mr Jeff Adams
Mr Martin Nicholls


Midday Assistants: Mrs M Bain, Mrs J Wray, Mrs J Potter, Mrs D Clover, Mrs E Carmichael, Mrs D Bennett, Miss K Pettifer, Mrs K Heath, Miss J Barker, Miss D Wells


Catering Team: Miss D Cross and Mrs A McElroy


Cleaning Staff: Mrs D Clover, Mrs J Potter, Miss D Cross, Mrs K Heath


Breakfast Club Staff: Mrs S Edgar (Supervisor) and Miss K Pettifer