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Essex County Council are no longer writing to parents to invite them to apply for a school place. It is the responsibility of parents to apply for a school place at the correct times. You will not receive any letters from Essex County Council to inform you to apply for your child’s school place.



All admissions for children to join Reception in September are co-ordinated through the Local Authority.  You can apply for one of these places between 7th November 2022 and 15th  January 2023 via the link below.  You will also find information via the link on how to submit a late application after the 15th January 2023 deadline.


Admissions Policy and Supplementary Information Form



All mid-year applications should be made directly to All Saints’ Church of England Primary School, using the mid-year application form below. 

Applications should be emailed to:


If you require a paper copy of the application form, please contact the school office on 01255 502389. Mid-year applications (sometimes called in-year applications) are any application for a school place made to any year group, apart from September admissions to our Reception class.   


For applications into existing year groups, a place will be offered when the number of pupils in the relevant year group is below the admission number for that year group. 


If a place can be offered, it is expected that the child will start within 10 school days of the offer being made, if for the current term, or at the start of the term for which the application has been made.


Please note: Applications for the start of the next academic year or the next term cannot be dealt with until the half term prior to the requested admission date. 


For example:

An application for Autumn Term (September) will not be accepted until the preceding summer half term holiday (May/June).

An application for Spring Term (January) will not be accepted until the preceding autumn half term holiday (October).

An application for Summer Term (April) will not be accepted until the preceding spring half term holiday (February).


Please note: if a mid-year application is received during a school holiday period, we will respond as soon as possible when the school reopens.


Where a place is not available to your child, they will automatically be added to a waiting list which is held in accordance with the school’s admissions criteria which can be found in the Admissions Policies below. 

 Appeals are co-ordinated via Essex County Council and further information can be found at the following link: Appeals