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What is the purpose of writing? (Intent)

We have designed our writing curriculum so that our learners:

  • Develop a life-long enjoyment of writing
  • Are able to write fluently so that they can communicate their ideas and emotions to others
  • Can develop their vocabulary understanding and use this accurately and in context within their writing
  • Are able to write for a purpose, across a range of different genres, both fiction and non-fiction


How do we teach writing? (Implementation)

Our writing curriculum is taught using a sequence of lessons across a range of genres to support children developing their skills.


Teaching sequences begin with reading, exploring and analysing model examples of texts. Children use these lessons to build on their prior knowledge of the genre, identifying grammatical features, sentence structures and language used.


The teaching sequence then continues for children to practise using these features, developing their understanding of how to use these new skills appropriately and effectively with their reader in mind. Within their own writing, children are ensured to develop their skills according to each Year group’s writing checklist. These lists of objectives support the children in understanding age related expectations within writing and ensures children aim high in their outcomes.

Children immerse in these writing experiences and build on their punctuation, spelling, grammar and vocabulary.

Through careful modelling, teachers are able to outline clear writing features to ensure children are able to correctly use the techniques. Children will then use scaffolding where necessary to develop their writing.

After exploring a range of models, practicing the skills and developing their understanding, children then plan and write their own independent piece to show off their progress within the unit.

Children are given many opportunities to ask questions, trial their ideas and seek support from their peers as part of the editing process. Adjustments or changes in their writing are encouraged before children write up their final piece in ‘best’.


What is the impact of writing on our pupils? (Impact)

The impact of the writing curriculum at All Saints’ Primary can be seen through:

  • Our children’s enjoyment of writing
  • The quality of writing within the children’s books, across all areas of the curriculum
  • Our children’s ability to write for a range of purposes, across a range of genres, both fiction and non-fiction based
  • Our children’s ability to select and use vocabulary to excite, inform or entertain the reader
  • Our children’s understanding and use of a range of punctuation, knowing the effect it can have on the reader in both writing and reading.
  • Our children’s understanding and use of the various sentence types that can be used to support different genres.
  • Our children’s ability to use phonetic knowledge and spelling rules to spell words accurately
  • Our children’s ability to speak clearly, fluently and coherently; to be able to listen attentively with understanding, pleasure and empathy and contribute to group discussions effectively.
  • The percentage of children working at the expected level or greater across the school
  • The percentage of children working at the expected level or greater at the end of Year 2 and Year 6, when compared to local and national outcomes