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Year 4

Happy new year. I hope you’re all looking forward to a frantic but fun-filled spring term.

We will be continuing with multiplication and division in Maths for the majority of the first half term before indulging in a little measurement of area prior to tacking everyone’s favourite maths topics – fractions and decimals. 

In English we’ll start with a short blast of poetry before investigating biography writing. Following that the children will be exercising their persuasive powers in order to persuade me whether they should get homework or not  -  good luck with that! 

As well as our regular Friday PE sessions with the trainers from Premier Sport, when we’ll be introducing Year 4 to rugby, we will also be starting something called Real PE.  These sessions focus on skills and are designed to make PE an enjoyable lesson for all.  Please remember that your child requires both plimsolls and trainers in school for PE.  It is a requirement that earrings are removed (it would be helpful if you could do this prior to sending your child to school) and that long hair is be tied up.  Year 4 PE will take place on Wednesdays and Fridays. 

We have a class reading book this term which is Michael Morpurgo’s Born to Run.  Every child will have their own copy of this novel which we shall be reading together in class and using as the foundation for our reading comprehension work.

The themes for our religious study will be Incarnation, Gospel and Salvation.

Changes of State await in Science during the first half term and the Water Cycle in the second.

Our topic theme this term is Childhood. We will be looking at what childhood used to be like in this country and what it is like for children their age in other countries.

In ICT we will be learning some programming and making games.

We will be investigating body percussion in music.

Spelling and times table test will continue to be held on Fridays.  If you can help your child with these I – and they - would appreciate that, as you will be making a significant contribution to their progress.  Regularly listening to your child read a variety of books, magazines and online articles is also vital to their continued development. Remember the All Saints Reading Challenge continues and all of the reading they do at home can be logged in their reading journals and counts towards the gaining of certificates – you don’t necessarily need to have heard them, just to know that they have read.

Thank you,

Mr Hawthorne.