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Big Questions

Can one person change the world?


  • I don’t think so because the world is so big and it’s too big for one person to change.
  • No – it’s too big and you need a lot of people to cause any change.
  • No – it’s too big. Although Hitler changed the world, he only changed it for some people.
  • You would need everyone to help change the world. For example, if you want to stop pollution, you would need everyone to help.
  • Everyone needs to change. If one person picked up litter in England, another could be dropping it in America so it wouldn’t cause any change.  
  • A person needs a team behind them in order to change the world.
  • One person recycling can’t make a difference. Everyone needs to do it.  
  • You could change the world if you tried. If you protest and other people agree with you then you could bring about change if enough people agree.
  • If you do something and post videos about it, other people will help and change their behaviour.
  • If you change, then others can copy you.
  • Greta Thunberg has brought about lots of change on her own.
  • Boris Johnson told us to wear masks and we have all done this.
  • It is easier to change the world now that we have access to technology.
  • There are lots of people who have had a huge impact on the world: George Floyd, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Hitler, Thomas Edison, David Attenborough

Why should we care about our environment?


  • If we lose all the trees, we will not be able to survive
  • The world will no longer look beautiful
  • We must not let animals die. We must keep them safe and sound
  • Global warming is heating the ice bergs, causing them to melt and create floods
  • Don't be selfish, you must consider others in the world
  • God made the world for us to look after. We have a responsibility
  • We need trees to breathe. They give us oxygen.
  • We need to cut down our use of paper because paper comes from trees and we need trees for the animals.
  • We need to recycle our rubbish and stop dumping it in the ocean because we will poison the fish and other animals in the sea.
  • We need to protect the fields and woodland from developers building on the land because we will destroy animal homes.
  • We need to protect the environment because animals live in it and we eat the animals. If the environment is destroyed, then we will eventually starve.
  • If you put rubbish in the sea, it’s not good because it will kill animals and nature.
  • We are cutting the trees that help us breathe.
  • I care about the environment because we eat plants and animals and need them to survive.
  • We should care about the environment because we will die if all the animals and plants become extinct.
  • If a little fish eats a bit of plastic, then another fish eats that fish then that fish dies and that keeps happening to the sea creatures.
  • When a world is in bad times you still need to be grateful that you even have a world to live in.
  • Christians believe God created the land/animals so we/they must protect it.
  • God should be able to trust us to protect the environment.
  • Animals, humans and plants are all living things so should all have equal rights.

Who is more important – you or me?


  • Everybody is important, it doesn't matter about talent
  • The most important one is you firstly, then you can give others anything you can spare
  • Children are more important as adults have already lived longer
  • Everyone is different but deserves care and all are important
  • I think young people are more important because older people have had the chance to do everything in their life: see the world, try experiences and young people haven’t yet had those opportunities.
  • I think the police are more important because they protect us.
  • Some people think they are more important because they have more money than us, but they’re not.
  • We are all just as important.
  • We need to help people, including the homeless and poor because they are just as important.
  • We are the most important thing to our own parents.
  • We’re all as important as each other.
  • Adults are important as they protect our friends and the children.

Can doing something ‘bad’ ever be the right thing?



  • It can teach you a lesson.
  • You can do a bad thing if it is to protect others.
  • You might need to hurt someone in self-defence.
  • If you are crossing the road and a car is coming, then it is the right thing for a stranger to grab you and pull you back so you don’t get knocked over. It is usually bad for a stranger to grab you, but for your safety it’s the right thing to do.
  • If someone attacks you then it is the right thing to kick and punch them to protect yourself.
  • Killing a pet is bad but if they are in pain or ill, then having them put down is the right thing to do.
  • If someone kills somebody and gets put in jail in America then they get killed. It is bad to kill but if they have killed someone then it’s only fair they get killed – An eye for an eye.
  • Killing an animal for food is doing a bad thing for the right reason
  • If you are the police, you might need to hurt somebody in order to keep the public safe. They have to make the choice about which decision is worse.
  • During wars, you may have to kill somebody. If it is to protect your country then it is for the right reason.



  • Two wrongs don’t make a right.
  • Stealing is a bad thing and there is no point of doing it.
  • There is right and wrong – Never get rid of wrong

It is right to lie…..

  • When surprising someone
  • When eating food secretly
  • It’s the same as your imagination
  • It can make someone feel better
  • It can protect others. For example, if children are too young to hear something
  • A white lie
  • Yes, it’s okay to tell a lie if you are organising a surprise party for someone. If you tell them the truth then it will ruin their surprise.
  • Yes, it is okay to tell a lie when you are buying a present for someone otherwise they will not have a surprise on their birthday.
  • Yes, it is okay to tell a lie if someone asks you if their work is okay. It is kind if you say yes, as otherwise you will hurt their feelings.
  • Sometimes we should pretend so we don't hurt people.


It is never right to lie because…

  • It hurts others
  • When blaming others
  • On official forms
  • To get out of trouble
  • No, it is not okay to tell a lie when you have a fight with someone. If you don’t tell the truth about who started it, the wrong person gets the blame.
  • No, it is not okay to tell a lie. For example, if you hurt someone, you need to own up. You always get found out in the end.
  • It is not okay to tell a lie when someone asks if you have done your homework and you say you have done it when you haven’t
  • It is not okay to lie because people won’t believe you when you tell the truth.
  • You should never lie to the police as they are here to protect us.
  • It is wrong to lie to get someone else in trouble.