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Big Questions

Can being generous ever be the wrong thing to do?


  • We should always be generous or people will not be our friends.
  • People will not play with us.
  • At Halloween I had my friends round and we had a pinata. We all shared my sweets.
  • I am generous with my brother and sister.
  • You should always be kind.
  • No it can’t be because it makes people happy
  • Generous means you have to be nice not mean
  • It is good not bad
  • No because we want to share
  • It is the right thing to do because we have to be kind
  • Sharing helps us make friends
  • If you’re poor and you give all your stuff away, then you’ll have nothing yourself.
  • If they are mean, they definitely don’t need help.
  • A homeless person might be tricking you and not actually need any money.
  • If someone is unkind, then you shouldn’t be generous to them.
  • Being generous is always the right thing to do because you are showing kindness and friendship.

If you’re being unfair with your generosity. For example, giving one child all the sweets and the others miss out. This is generous to one person but unfair on the rest.

  • If you are at war. For example, If during WWII, a British soldier told a German soldier about the D-Day landings, the British soldier is being generous by sharing the plans, but actually this is the wrong thing to do.
  • If you are generous and give an homeless person money, they could use it to buy the wrong thing, such as drugs.  
  • It is important to be honest with our generosity. If we tell someone their work is good or you liked their clothes, but you didn’t actually mean it, that could really upset them.

Usually, being generous is a good thing


  • Offering help to someone and doing it for them
  • Sharing during Covid, e.g. bottles, stationery
  • Fussing over others when the teacher is dealing with it and you need to do you work
  • Sharing your parents’ money


Should a person risk their life just to save someone else's?


  • If you do, it could put a number of people in danger and this will have a big effect
  • If you don’t know them well, would they do it for you?
  • If someone was in trouble, you could get someone who was experienced to support, e.g. the RNLI with issues in the sea
  • You don’t know what their past is like so you shouldn’t take the risk
  • When it is not dangerous to do so and it is a team effort
  • If they are younger, you should do
  • It’s the kind thing to do and the person you saved would realise that this is the right thing to do
  • If it is part of your job (life guard, fire fighter, police, paramedic or army)
  • Anyone could create a generation so we should save them.
  • You can give your blood to save someone.
  • If someone was unkind, you should still set a good example.
  • It depends on the situation.
  • Sometimes, but not in the extreme cases.

Why should you be generous?


  • If we are not kind people won't be our friend
  • To share our toys
  • To share sweets
  • So we can have people to play with
  • I would share my yoyo with my brother and sister
  • To be kind
  • To be kind
  • It is kind and it is giving people stuff they really need.
  • It is kind and makes people happy.
  • To be happy.
  • Sharing toys makes everyone happy.
  • To help people who are sad.
  • To give something someone might not have.
  • To make someone be your friend.
  • It is good to do it.
  • If everyone was generous, everyone would be happy and thankful.
  • If you’re not generous, no one will be generous back.
  • If people aren’t generous, people would be very grumpy and sad.
  • If someone hurt themselves and no one helped them, they would stay hurt for even longer.
  • If everyone was generous, the world would be a kinder place.
  • To help save animals in danger. Scientists are generous with their time to help save endangered animals. If they didn’t, they would become extinct.
  • If you are generous to someone, in the future they will be generous to you in return.
  • It is not always about getting something back.
  • To make the world a better place.
  • To help people who haven’t got everything they need. For example, give blankets to homeless people.
  • Share your toys/property with your friends.
  • You should be generous with your time and help other people.
  • When someone falls over, you should help them and check they are okay.
  • You can also help your mum and dad at home.