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Design and Technology

"Design is not just what it looks like or feels like. Design is how it works" - Steve Jobs

Purpose of DT at All Saints CofE Primary School: 


Designers in this school will be independent, creative and imaginative thinkers. They will research and compare a range of products and inventions around the world to inform their designs. Through collaboration, children will learn to problem solve and articulate the successes of their designs using technical understanding. 

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Why Mrs Richmond chose to lead DT: 


I believe that DT is so important in teaching us skills about everyday life. It teaches us some of the most important life skills that we need to know to get by in our everyday world through developing our knowledge and problem-solving skills that prepares us for every changing world in which we live. DT enables us to actively contribute to our community through encouraging creativity, culture, and well-being of ourselves. Through DT we are able to take risks and with reflection through our topics and projects, we are able to develop a way to become more resourceful, inventive and build initiative for our future.  

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