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"Go down deep enough into anything and  you will find mathematics."

- John Wesley Young


At All Saints', our mathematics curriculum seeks to excite pupils' curiosity and thirst for understanding.

We follow the White Rose scheme which has been chosen for its focus on ensuring pupils' fluency with maths and then developing this through a range of reasoning and problem solving opportunities. In this way, pupils are applying their mathematical thinking to their everyday lives, keeping their learning relevant to them and an exciting challenge.

Whilst teaching each maths concept, we follow the 'Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract' approach. We want pupils to primarily play, work and explore their mathematical thinking, then show this in their drawings before exhibiting confidence when applying it to a range of concepts. 

Alongside our daily maths lessons, all pupils also work towards beating our school's Superhero challenges. These weekly quizzes help pupils to learn key facts to automaticity, beginning with subitising and number bonds, then moving to mastery of their times tables.

Maths Progression Map

Pupils from Years 1 to 6 have access to the Mathletics online workspace where we set weekly home learning tasks. Many of our pupils work hard to earn 1000 points for a certificate each week and get ahead with their maths learning!

Our maths working walls