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Year 2

Summer Term 2023

Welcome to the summer term.

Preparation for the upcoming SATs test will necessarily dominate the first few weeks of term and the class will be revising and honing their arithmetic, grammar and reading skills. However, amongst all of this we’ll also be having some fun and frolics.

Once we’ve completed our work on Fractions, Year 2’s Maths topics will cover time, statistics and geometry (that’s position and direction). In addition we will be focussing strongly on the 2, 5 and 10 times tables with weekly tests. Any encouragement you can give your child to learn these will have an enormous impact on their achievement and enjoyment of Maths as the go through the school. As teachers who have both taught in Key Stage 2, we cannot over-emphasise the effect that proficiency with the times tables has on a child’s confidence and progress in Maths, as well as their enjoyment of the subject. So much of what they learn in Maths relies on a good knowledge of times tables and it is vital that the foundation for this is laid in Year 2. Mathletics has some good times table resources to aid your child’s learning. In addition  (look for the games for 2x, 5x and 10x tables) and both have fun games.  If you come across any others your child enjoys, please let us know and we’ll be happy to share these on Marvellous Me.

In English we will start the term by writing an mystery story (we don’t know what that’s about yet), rewriting a traditional tale and enjoying more poetry.

“What questions do religious stories make us ask?” is the question which will propel our RE studies this term.  Based on the year so far, we expect some interesting ideas to be thrown up by this class!

Our Science work nicely compliments the season this term. As we move into Spring and Summer we’ll be looking at how living things depend upon each other and then how seeds and bulbs grow. The recent David Attenborough BBC series, Wild Isles, has lots of complimentary information for our studies and is fantastic, family viewing.

This also ties in nicely with our Geography topic this term, which is entitled “What makes our world beautiful?”  If there’s anybody who can answer that, surely it’s David Attenborough.

The coronation of King Charles III takes place during this term and our History lessons will throw this into focus as we will be studying monarchs and monarchy in order to answer the question, “What is a monarch?”

Design and Technology moves our focus from monarchs to monsters and we’ll be making a moving monster model. Mr Hawthorne will be politely asking the children not to model them on himself. No doubt, the class will be able to put into practice some of the foundation skills which will be the subject of their study in Art.

The internet is of increasing importance in everyone’s lives and we will be looking at how to use and enjoy the fabulous online world, whilst not succumbing to its traps and pitfalls in our online safety sessions during ICT.

We’ll be looking at “Seasons” during our Spanish language lessons - sorry to disappoint you boys but that means Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, not the Premiership season. Nor indeed does it mean the athletics season which would be appropriate as that, along with learning how to play Scatterball, will be the focus of our work in PE. If you’re unfamiliar with Scatterball, it is a simplified version of rounders. If you thought rounders didn’t need simplifying we suggest you try teaching it to 30, 6 and 7 year olds! PE and Forest School will continue to be on a Tuesday. Please remember to remove earrings and tie long hair up, in addition to sending your child in PE kit and with appropriate footwear. As the year warms up, sunscreen and hats will also become essential items; please remember to cover them in both before they come to school.

In Music our theme will be a Friendship Song which will fit nicely with our first block of PHSE work which will look at what causes conflict in friendships. After half term in PHSE we will be discussing which parts of our body are private – there will be more information available to parents about this prior to this block starting.

In addition to the work at school, Mathletics will be set every week for homework.  We would also be grateful if you would listen to your child read at least three times a week, more if possible. Reading is the foundation of everything we do in school (even Maths!) and so much of what the children will do in life. Therefore, it is impossible to exaggerate the impact this skill has on their lives, their employability and ultimately their income. Just five minutes a day will make all the difference to their reading, and hence, their life. It is the single biggest difference you can make to your child’s learning and the greatest support you can give us in nurturing the potential of these fantastic little creatures we’ve had the pleasure of teaching in Year 2.

Miss Barber

Mr Hawthorne

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