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Year 2

Spring Term 

The topic for the Spring Term in Year 2 is From Harwich to Haluabagalla.  Haluabagalla is a town in Kenya and we will be looking at the similarities and differences between our lives and that of someone who lives there. As part of this exploration we will be preparing seasonal fruit dishes from both locations in D&T, and making an African mask in Art. We'll also be adding to our ICT skills by creating a poster which could be used to show people from Haluabagulla what life is like in Harwich.


We'll continue the African theme in English where we will be writing non-chronological reports and looking at a traditional tale from Africa.  Later on in the term we'll be looking at fairy stories and a journey story. Expect stories of exotic places, wild animals and fabulous treasure!


In Maths we’ll be continuing with the multiplication and division work which we started just before Christmas.  The 2x, 5x and 10x tables are very important this year so any work you can do to give your child a hand with those will be very much appreciated.  Following that we will look at Shape, Statistics and Measurement of length and height, before concluding the term's Maths study with everybody's favourite - Fractions ! 


In Science we will be investigating how we know something is alive. That may seem a simple task but our explorations will show that it's not quite a straight forward as it sounds. It should be fun!


The first RE question we will explore this term follows on nicely from our festivals work at the end of last term. namely "How do worship gatherings give us a sense of identity and belonging?"  In the second half of term we will be looking at the Easter story and asking what it teaches Christians about Jesus?


The children's Spanish accents are developing nicely and this term they'll have the opportunity to practice them on the objects and lessons they would expect to find in a Spanish school  -  which may be more familiar to them they realise.


Our theme in Music this term is Hands, Feet and Heart and will give an introduction to body percussion (which I love!) whilst our PHSE study will focus on how to best work with and collaborative with others and healthy eating. 


We will continue to have PE twice a week (on Tuesdays and Fridays as last term) where we will be focusing on balance which will link well with the dance and gymnastics we will be doing. As last term, it is important that the children come to school in their PE kit on these days.  It would also be helpful if earrings could be removed before school on these days, thank you and that hair is tied up or a hair band provided so that it may be for the lesson.


At the risk of repeating myself, reading is the foundation of all learning (even Maths!) so please read as often as you can at home with your child; it will really benefit them.  You do not have to only read story books - magazines, comics, web-pages, recipes and instructions all count.  Anytime you spend with your child on this will be greatly appreciated and will really help with their learning.

Thank you.

Mr Hawthorne

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