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Year 2

Autumn Term 2022

Welcome to Year 2 everybody.  Here is a brief overview of what we’ll be covering this term.


In Maths we’ll be starting with Place Value before moving onto Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Money. The 2, 5 and 10x tables are the end-of-year times tables targets for Year 2, so please try to practise these as often as possible.


A couple of weeks of poetry will start us off in English, during which we’ll be finding rhymes – and lighting a fire!  After that we’ll be writing instructions on how to make wattle and daub houses which links with our topic during the first half term which is the Great Fire of London. After half term will be writing our own versions of a fairy tale and should be able to squeeze in some letter writing. Given the time of year we may even be able to write a letter to the big man in red himself, no not Jurgen Klopp, Santa Claus! 


As we said, our topic in the first half of this term will be The Great Fire of London – no real buildings will be harmed, we promise. This will also inform our Science work during the first half term as we’ll be investigating the different properties of materials and looking at why London burned so easily in 1666.


We will put the instruction writing we’ve done in English to the test in Design and Technology to make wattle and daub houses like the ones people lived in in London in 1666.


After half term our topic will become Dinosaurs. As well as investigating different kinds of dinosaurs, we’ll also look at what the earth was like when these giants roamed the earth and Mr Hawthorne may even be able to provide some eye-witness accounts!  


In RE we will be covering finding out about the Jewish celebration of Shabbat, followed by an investigation into the importance of different festivals in the world’s religions. You’ll even get a chance to design your own festival !   

Excitingly, this year we will also be adding a Forest School element to our curriculum. This will take place on Tuesday afternoons, as will PE. It is important that, on these days, the children come to school in their PE kit and, as the year progresses, some extra, warm clothing.  It would be helpful if earrings could be removed before school on these days, thank you.  Also, please remember that all long hair must be tied up.


Phonics and spelling lessons will occur daily. We cannot stress highly enough that reading is the foundation of so much of the learning that we do in school (even Maths!) and being able to read fluently is an essential skill. Research clearly shows the link between reading and attainment in later life, so please read as often as you can at home with your child; there is no greater thing you can do to help them with their school work, and you will also be increasing their chances of success, health and happiness later in life.  You do not have to only read story books - magazines, comics, webpages, recipes, labels on food and instructions all count and will help with their decoding and fluency. 


If there is anything else you would like to know, please don’t hesitate to ask.  Mr Hawthorne will be in the class on Monday and Tuesdays (but in school the remainder of the week) and Miss Barber on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


Thank you. We’re looking forward to sharing the fun in Year 2 and hope you are too.

Miss Barber and Mr Hawthorne

Useful terminology and guides


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