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Year 2

Spring Term 2024

Happy New Year and welcome to the Spring Term in Year 2.  This is usually the shortest term in the school year and it’s always a squeeze getting everything in so expect a busy but exciting term!

Money is always a topic of conversation in January so it seems appropriate that we’ll spend the first couple of weeks studying it in Maths. After that we’ll take a long look at multiplication and division – sharing and grouping numbers and objects. Just before Easter we’ll move onto measuring things: length, mass, capacity and volume will all be looked at – and into!

In English we will be writing non-chronological reports, traditional tales and a recount of a trip the class will hopefully be making! More news on that later in the term.

RE at All Saints gives us a great opportunity to discuss some of the wider questions life poses as well as drilling into specific aspects of the Christian faith. This term will be no exception as during the first half we will look at how gathering together in groups can help to foster a sense of belonging. After half term we will be on the run up to the most important date in the Christian calendar and will be asking ourselves exactly what does the Easter story teach Christians about Jesus.

New Year is often a time when we think about making ourselves fitter and healthier so in Science we’ll be looking at what makes a human healthy and, as our environment wakes up with the onset of Spring, we’ll be getting out and about to investigate how we actually know something is alive and looking at the habitats around us.

In ICT we’ll investigate what an algorithm is and look at how these work and methods for debugging them when they don’t.

The history of flight, from Icarus to Yuri Gagarin and beyond, will be the focus of our studies in History, whilst in Geography we address what it is that makes our natural world beautiful. The recent David Attenborough series Planet Earth 3 would be a good place to start exploring this topic at home, and it is available to watch via this link  

Our focus in Art will be on some of the foundation elements of the subject – painting and mixed media. Our work in D&T will support our Science studies as we’ll be looking at creating a healthy, balanced diet.

Our dreams, goals and health will be the focus of our PSHE, something we should all keep in mind and should be really positive subjects to focus on.

Finally, Spanish and Music complement each other this term as playing in a band will be our focus in Music, whilst we’ll be learning the Spanish words for instruments. Anyone up for learning the fliscono?   


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