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Welcome to week 13 of home learning!


Keep sending me pictures and videos of everything you are doing!

Our topic this week is 'Chocolate!'


Below is a document with lots of ideas for you to have a go at during your afternoons this week. Please send me photos and videos of all your creations! 



This week you will be designing your own chocolate cake! You will listen to the poem 'Chocolate cake' by Michael Rosen and then write your own chocolate cake recipe before baking it!



​​​​​​This week, you will be learning about measurement. You will learn how to measure litres and read the time on a clock. 

Topic activities for the afternoons.

W/B Monday 6th July 2020

Useful terminology and guides


Please use the reading cards below to help you support your child with reading. They can even use them to ask you a question about the text!

Fancy doing something extra?