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Year 2

Summer Term


Welcome to the, hopefully uninterrupted, summer term.


After finishing off our work on Fractions, Year 2’s Maths topics will mostly involve measurement - time, length and height, and mass, capacity and temperature – with a week of geometry – position and direction – thrown in for good measure. In addition we will be focussing strongly on the 2, 5 and 10 times tables with weekly tests. Any encouragement you can give your child to learn these will have an enormous impact on their achievement and enjoyment of Maths as the go through the school. As someone who has taught in Key Stage 2, I cannot over-emphasise the effect confidence with the times tables has for children in Maths as they progress. So much of what they learn in Maths relies on a good knowledge of times tables and it is vital that the foundation for this is laid in Year 2. I understand that we have had an interrupted year but there is lots of help online (see below) and I will be posting some ideas via Class Dojo as well. Just 5 minutes a day with these games or ideas will be all that is needed to ensure that your child feels confident with their Maths work to come.


Mathletics has some good times table resources. In addition  (look for the games for 2x, 5x and 10x tables) and both have fun games which will aid learning.  If you come across any others your child enjoys, let me know and I’ll be happy to share these on Class Dojo.


In English we will start the term by writing an adventure story set in a rainforest as rainforests are our topic focus this term. Following that we’ll be writing Recounts, Explanation texts and some poetry.


“What questions do religious stories make us ask?” is the question which will propel our RE work this term.  I expect some interesting ideas to be thrown up by this class!


Our Science work nicely compliments the seasons this term. As we move into Spring and Summer we’ll be looking at animals and their habitats and then how seeds and bulbs grow.


As I mentioned above, rainforests are our topic focus this term and will inform much of our work. In Geography, we will be investigating how important the rainforest is to the health of the planet and what effect the impact humans are having on it will have.  

Programming a jungle themed computer game should be a popular week of work in ICT as I’m sure will be our week of D&T, when the class will be creating structures capable of withstanding the weather in a rainforest!.  Art also follows the topic theme, in which we will be creating rainforest collages in the style of Henri Rousseau (whose paintings are at the top of this page).


We’ll be “Relaxing  at the Beach” during our Spanish language lessons whilst in PE we will be testing reaction time and balance, as well as learning how to play Scatterball and practicing Athletics. PE is currently scheduled for Monday and Friday. If your child has their ears pierced it would be useful if you would remove their ear rings prior to them coming to school.  Please remember that long hair will also be required to be tied back. 


In Music our theme will be a Friendship Song which will fit nicely with our first block of PHSE work which will look at what causes conflict in friendships. After half term in PHSE we will be discussing which parts of our body are private – there will be more information sent out to parents about this prior to this block starting.


In addition to the work at school, Mathletics will be set every week for homework and I’ll  be sending the weekly spelling list home on Class Dojo.  I would also be grateful if you would listen to your child read at least three times a week, more if possible. Reading is the foundation of everything we do in school (even Maths!), and that the children will do in life, and so it is impossible to exaggerate the impact this skill has on their lives, both now and in the future.  Just five minutes a day will make all the difference to their reading, and hence, their life. The Oxford Owl website (link at the bottom of this page) is an excellent website, with lots of books and resources that your child should find engaging.


If you have any questions, just get in touch via Class Dojo.


Mr Hawthorne

Useful terminology and guides


Please use the reading cards below to help you support your child with reading. They can even use them to ask you a question about the text!

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