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Year 2

Well welcome back everybody!


I hope you are all looking forward to Year 2 which, hopefully, we’ll enjoy uninterrupted!  Here is a brief overview of what we’ll be covering this term.


In Maths we’ll be starting with Place Value before moving onto Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Money.  A couple of weeks of humorous poems will start us off in English, after which we’ll be writing instructions on how to make wattle and daub houses – this links with our topic on the Great Fire of London. After half term will be writing our own versions of some traditional tales and should be able to squeeze in some letter writing. Given the time of year we may even be able to write a letter to the big man in red himself, no not Jurgen Klopp, Santa Claus! 


As I said, our topic in the first half of this term will be The Great Fire of London – no real buildings will be harmed, I promise – followed after half term by something called Frozen!  It’s OK boys, it’s about ice and explorers, not the movie, just let it go. Our Great Fire topic will also inform Science as we’ll be investigating the different properties of materials and looking at why London burned so easily in 1666.


Making silhouettes of the Great Fire and putting our instructions into action to make wattle and daub houses will occupy Art and D&T during the first half of the term, and in the second we’ll hopefully (guidance permitting) be doing a little cooking and doing something called “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” I’ve no idea what that could be about but hopefully it will be a laugh (or should that be an olaf?).  We will also be developing our ICT skills to make a Frozen scrapbook.


In RE we will be covering the Creation and Incarnation, or the birth of Jesus.   


We will have PE twice a week and it is important that, on these days, the children come to school in their PE kit.  It would be helpful if earrings could be removed before school on these days, thank you.  Also, please remember that all long hair must be tied up.


We’ll be doing two sessions of phonics every day in order to try and catch up on the time we’ve lost due to the lock-down. Reading is the foundation of all learning (even Maths!) so please read as often as you can at home with your child; it will really benefit them.  You do not have to only read story books - magazines, comics, web-pages, recipes and instructions all count.  Anytime you spend with your child on this will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Mr Hawthorne

Useful terminology and guides


Please use the reading cards below to help you support your child with reading. They can even use them to ask you a question about the text!

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