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Year 5

Year 5 Autumn Term 2023

Welcome to Year 5!


I hope you have all had a wonderful summer holiday and I’m looking forward to getting to know you all! We have lots of exciting things to learn coming this term and I am sure we’re going to have a great start to year 5!



In the first term, the children will be reading and writing their own stories linked to their topic about the Earth and Space. Children will be investigating features of different genres in story writing and learning new skills to make their writing more interesting for their reader.   We will then start to look at non-fiction writing and see how we can apply our writing skills to information writing too.

In reading lessons, we will be reading a variety of texts linked to our topic. Reading helps to support our children’s writing greatly, so we will continue to have daily reading lessons for the children to not only learn reading skills, but also identifying words and phrases that we can use in our own writing.

Regular reading of a range of texts at home will continue to support learning in this area so please make sure that you are encouraging your child to read as much as possible. This does not have to be their usual reading book, just whatever the children enjoy- comics, information books, magazines… etc.

Please remember to still sign your child’s reading diary so we can keep track of who is reading regularly at home and support children with reading where ever possible.


This term, the children will be developing their skills in many aspects of Primary Mathematics including place value and the number system, addition and subtraction. You can continue to support your child by engaging them in every day mathematical situations including telling the time, handling money and reading measures. We also encourage you to support your children’s knowledge of times tables, using Mathletics where ever possible. Speedy recall of times tables makes so many other areas of maths much easier for the children.


I am really excited to dive into our science work this term! We will be learning all about Earth and Space- finding out about the planets, the solar system and developing our knowledge of forces and gravity. The children have already shown some interest in this topic and I’m sure it will continue as we begin our research.


As part of our R.E work this term, we will be looking at different beliefs about our world and its creation. We will be comparing scientific ideas and Christian beliefs to identify similarities and differences between the two.  


Within our history lessons this term, we will be finding out about Mayans. We will be comparing their way of life to the Anglo Saxons that would have been in Britain during this time. The children will create time-lines, carry out research and use sources of evidence to find out more about this civilization that existed in South America all those years ago!


This term, the children will be developing their geography skills within our topic of ‘Where is the Alps?’ The children will be locating countries around the world using maps and comparing the environments across continents. We will also be looking at how the position of these countries with regards to the equator effects weather and physical features within the country.


During our Music lessons, the learning is focused on learning to sing, play, improvise and compose with this song, we will listen to and appraise other similar songa few well known songs including ‘Livin on a prayer’ by Bon Jovi. I am sure quite a few of our parents will know this song and can help to practise at home! J


P.E and Forest schools

Mr Hawthorne will take our class for P.E and Forest schools on a Thursday afternoon. I know the children enjoy this time developing skills outside of the classroom. Remember to send your child into school wearing their P.E and suitable clothes and shoes for foresting can be sent in for them to change into after their P.E lesson.


We will be linking our art work to our science topic of Earth and Space this term. The children will develop their drawing skills to create a space scene which they will then recreate as print! I can’t wait to have lots of fun during these art lessons and explore the children’s creativity within these lessons.


As part of our technology lessons, the children will be working towards making their own pop-up books! We will be looking at existing products, investigating the mechanisms that allows parts to move and then design and make our own! This should be very exciting and rewarding for the children!


I am already very impressed with the children’s knowledge and love of Spanish at school! This term, we will be learning the names of the planets in Spanish before describing them in full sentences. This links perfectly with our class topic of Earth and Space.



Weekly spelling patterns or words are sent home on a Monday via Marvellous Me. We work on these words and spelling patterns throughout the week, but practising at home can help to embed these spellings, ensuring the children consistently use them within their writing.


Mathletics homework is set on a Friday each week and should be completed for the following Friday. All children who complete this earn an extra break on a Friday afternoon. If it has not been completed, this time is an opportunity where we can support children in completing the work. 


We also ask that reading is completed five times a week for at least five minutes and recorded in their reading records. Children may wish to read to themselves, but we ask that their reading records are still signed by an adult. They do not need to only read the book they are currently reading at school, but instead could choose to read anything that they are interested in.

Key messages

If you have any questions, anything that you want to let me know or just check, feel free to catch me on the gate in the morning or at the end of the day. Alternatively, you can leave a message with the office or email me on our class email which is


Please let us know if you have any further questions or queries.

Kind Regards

Miss Thorpe

Times table superhero practise