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Year 6

Welcome to our Year 6 page.


We have an exciting Summer term ahead!

The adults in class are Miss Davey, Mrs Powell and Miss Poole.

PE days are every Friday and we ask pupils to come into school in their PE uniform. For the first three Thursdays in June, we shall be swimming as well. 


We are going to be exploring the topic of Shakespeare. Throughout this term we will be exploring the following questions to develop our understanding of this period of history:

- Was the theatre a place for all members of Elizabethan society to be equal?

- Did human or physcial processes have a bigger impact on the setting of Macbeth?


We will also explore the following projects:

- Create a collage to showcase the mood of a Shakespeare play

- Programme your own treacherous Shakespeare maze game

- Create a working theatre 







Alongside our learning about Shakespeare, we will also broaden our knowledge of other subjects by answering the questions:

  • Why do we classify living things based on their characteristics?
  • How do they systems of the body work together to exercise?
  • How has belief impacted music and art through history?
  • Is it possible for something to always be right (or wrong)?
  • Why do people try and gain power and control in relationships?
  • How does a baby develop from conception to birth?


Then work on the following collaborative projects:

  • Music and Identity
  • Develop our Spanish by discussing our pets and the home
  • Developing our cricket, athletics and swimming skills. 


In maths, we will be focusing on shape and statistics. The rest of the term will be focused on investigations, where pupils will explore how our maths learned this year will be useful for their futures.


We will finish the term with a whole-class production. This project will give pupils a chance to develop their confidence and team work and is a wonderful way for them to finish their time at All Saints’ school.

Here are some practice assessments for our Year 6 pupils that are extra to those completed in class.

They have the mark schemes as well.

Ideally, these would be printed out (or a pencil and paper at hand) and pupils sit to complete in the time of a test (given on the test paper). Spelling tests would need to be read to pupils by an adult. If this isn't possible, pupils could just complete the grammar sections.

Pupils or adults can then mark this work against the mark scheme. If there are any answers that are not clear, please do come and ask me in class.