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Year 6

Welcome to our Year 6 page.


We have an exciting Autumn term ahead!

The adults supporting the class are Miss Davey, Mrs Powell and Miss Poole.

PE days are every Friday and we ask pupils to come into school in their PE uniform.


We are going to be exploring the topic of World War II. Throughout this term we will be exploring the following questions:

  • What lessons have we learnt from WWII?
  • How did location have an impact on the war?


We will then collaboratively work on the following projects:

  • Programme an interactive WWII adventure
  • Research war memorials and create your own to honour the fallen
  • Create a nutritious menu under ration conditions

In our English lessons, we will using the play Bombs and Blackberries to inspire our writing whilst our class reader will be Goodnight Mr Tom.


Alongside our this, we will also consider:

  • Is beleiving in God reasonable?
  • How does light travel?
  • How have living things evolved over time?

In PSHE, we will create our class flag to ensure that we work as a strong, effective team this year. In PE, the sports of hockey, rugby and netball will be taught, whilst in maths, we will explore place value, the four operations, fractions and position and direction. In music, we will look at how music links to feelings and emotions and Spanish will help us talk our way through the school day.


We have a very busy and excititng term ahead!







Alongside our learning about Shakespeare, we will also broaden our knowledge of other subjects by answering the questions:

  • Why do we classify living things based on their characteristics?
  • How do they systems of the body work together to exercise?
  • How has belief impacted music and art through history?
  • Is it possible for something to always be right (or wrong)?
  • Why do people try and gain power and control in relationships?
  • How does a baby develop from conception to birth?


Then work on the following collaborative projects:

  • Music and Identity
  • Get acquainted with the family whilst mastering the Spanish alphabet
  • Developing our tennis skills


In maths, we will be focusing on converting measures, finding the area, perimeter and volume of shapes and then exploring statistics. The rest of the term will be focused on revision through investigations, allowing pupils to use their maths skills in inquisitive and problem-solving contexts.


We will finish the term with a whole-class production of one of Shakespeare’s plays. This project will give pupils a chance to develop their confidence and team work and is a wonderful way for them to finish their time at All Saints’ school.