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Year 6

Welcome to the Year 6 class page


Thank you for visiting our class page. Mr Hitchin is the class teacher, supported by Mrs Powell and Ms Sullivan. 

This term, the children in year 6 are learning about 



PE and Forest School days are on Thursdays. Please ensure that your child wears their PE kit on this day. If the weather is bad, children can wear a plain tracksuit. Football shirts or large logos are not permitted. 


For an overview of what we will be learning, scroll to the bottom of the page.



Home Learning

Every week, children in year 6 will need to complete three tasks:

1) Read 5 times per week for at least 5 minutes a session


2) Mathletics homework 


3) test


Help for this week's task can be found here:


Usernames and passwords should be in reading records. 


If children cannot access the internet at home to complete these tasks, an option to complete the homework on Wednesday lunchtimes will be provided.  If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Hitchin. 

Life in Anglo Saxon Britain | The Story of Britain | BBC Teach

Watch this video to find out about the Anglo-Saxons.

Life in the Time of the Vikings | The Story of Britain | BBC Teach

Life in Viking Britain is shown through the eyes of a family, with an exploration of the reasons for Vikings coming to Britain.

Our class reader:


Alfie Monk is like any other nearly teenage boy except he’s 1,000 years old and can remember the last Viking invasion of England.

Obviously no one believes him.

So when everything Alfie knows and loves is destroyed in a fire, and the modern world comes crashing in, Alfie embarks on a mission to find friendship, acceptance, and a different way to live which means finding a way to make sure he will eventually die.

Overview of subjects for Autumn Term:



In Maths, we will be focusing on place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division and fractions.



In English, we will be looking at writing descriptions, diary entries, narrative, poetry and instructional text. 



Within Science, we will be considering the following questions:

  • How does light travel?
  • How have living things evolved over time?



In RE, we will be considering the question:

  • Is believing inn God reasonable?



Within our History and Geography lessons, we will be answering the following questions: 

  • When was the best time to be alive?
  • How did geographical features affect invasion?



During our Art lessons, we will be drawing an illuminated letter in an Anglo-Saxon style.



In our D&T lessons, we will be creating a class Bayeux tapestry.



In our computing sessions, we will be blogging like a Viking!



During our Music lessons, the learning is focused around one song: Happy.  As well as learning to sing, play, improvise and compose with this song, we will listen to and appraise other  songs.



Within our Spanish lessons, we will be learning to introduce ourselves and what to say when meeting up with friends? 



In our PSHE lessons, we will be studying the role of democracy and tolerance of and embracing difference


PE and Forest schools

These subjects will be taught every Thursday afternoon by Mr Hawthorne. In PE the children will be improving their skills in football, rugby, netball and hockey.