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Year 3

Weekly Topic - Chocolate

Weekly Topic - Chocolate 1

Welcome to the year 3 class page


On the class page, you will have access to daily learning activities including Math, English, Spelling and Topic. These tasks aim to develop the relevant skills required as per the year 3 national curriculum and offer varied challenges for all children in our year 3 class. There is access to our schools reading comprehension packs to support the development of reading. Please do use these as much as possible so that the children feel comfortable and confident when answering questions as they will be the basis of our work when reading in class. There is also a range of handwriting activities which aim to develop the quality of handwriting for all pupils in our class. In addition to this, you will also find access to a number of relevant website which we use in school to support children. 


I hope that you enjoy the activities made available. If you need any help, please do not hesitate to message me via class Dojo.


Mr Dennis



Daily Handwriting


Please choose one of the handwriting sheets further down to practice your handwriting. There is a range so i would suggest you do 1 week of letters, 1 week of words and begin again. I will look at add more handwriting activities over time to support. 



Daily activities


Below are your daily activities to complete. They will be post no later than 8am on the day they are being set. Any problems, contact Mr Dennis on class Dojo.