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Some quotes which inspire, guide and shepherd the teaching of PE at All Saints.


"If you had fun, then you won!"


"Every winner was once a beginner."



Our statement of intent for PE at All Saints'.


PE at All Saints' is an enjoyable, safe and inclusive subject which aims to instill physical life-skills, resilience, respect, fair-play, self-confidence and pride.





PE Subject Champions

Pupils’ opinions of PE at All Saints’


“I like the games but I enjoyed basketball most of all”. Jack, Year 3.


”I absolutely love it! I like being outside and running around.”  Ethan, Year 5.


”I loved the rugby tournament when we played against Year 3 and the other house teams.”  Flynn, Year 4.

As someone who has been involved with competitive sport since an early age, initially as a participant and competitor, more latterly as a coach, I naturally gravitated towards PE as a subject to lead. PE has the potential to establish positive approaches to life; approaches which can last a lifetime and have life-long effects on health - physical, mental and emotional. People are far more likely to participate in what they enjoy and an intention to create enjoyment is the foundation of PE at All Saints'. The intention is that, working from that broad base of enjoyment, the self-esteem of pupils will be raised and that this will then motivate pride in their own performance and help to cultivate a desire to experience the pride and esteem of representing the school in sports and competition. This will then in turn feed back into the school community, creating positive role models, promoting ambition and fostering the joy of participation, thus creating a cycle of positivity and belonging which may, hopefully, last a lifetime.

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