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                    "The more you know about the past,

                                         the better prepared you are for the future!"


                                                                              Theodore Roosevelt


What is the purpose of History? (Intent)


Our History curriculum aims to:

  • Foster an enthusiasm and curiosity about history within our pupils, where they learn about the past through an engaging and varied spiral curriculum that develops knowledge and skills where understanding can be applied to any area of history
  • Teach skills and concepts progressively across the school in line with the EYFS framework and National Curriculum.
  • Develop a secure sense of chronology within our children; acquiring an understanding of time, events and people through the passing of time
  • Use research skills to pose questions and investigate the past by making inferences and drawing conclusions.
  • Give children a secure understanding of how events have occurred alongside each other in different locations worldwide in order to compare and contrast.
  • Study a variety of significant historical figures and events that underpin the diversity of Britain and the wider world.


 How do we teach history? (Implementation)

Our History curriculum is taught:

  • So that lessons are appropriately pitched and challenging and are designed to inspire and support learning, providing opportunities to explore the past
  • Through carefully sequenced lessons that demonstrate progression building upon prior knowledge and enabling children to apply it to new learning.
  • To allow children to make links across the curriculum through topic based learning.
  • Using timelines so that chronology is embedded and children understand how different periods of history link together.
  • By ensuring that key vocabulary is incorporated alongside different sources of evidence – both primary and secondary – to help bring history to life within the classroom.
  • Through historical visits and activities where children are able to develop a greater understanding of the past in their local area and across the world.

What is the impact of history on our pupils? (Impact) 

The impact of the History curriculum at All Saints CofE Primary can be seen through:

  • Clear evidence that our children have shown progress and attainment in line with the National Curriculum
  • Our children demonstrate enthusiasm for the subject and can talk with confidence about history
  • Our children demonstrate an understanding of a range of historical vocabulary which can be applied confidently.
  • As historians, our children can use their skills to pose questions, evaluate evidence and draw conclusion.



History Subject Lead: Mrs Richmond


Mrs Richmond chose to lead History because...

It is so important in giving people an understanding of the past and how it affects our future. It provides a window into other cultures, societies, and traditions. History also allows us to learn from our mistakes so we can make better decisions in the future.

What the children think...

Working Walls

History Progression Map

Just a thought...

The study of History provides great scope for debate and exploration of the past. Most interestingly, it is the defining period in the shaping of modern Europe and the way in which it links the past to the present, is most fascinating. History has created the state which would then trigger two wars which have then shaped the modern world. This has given us a more rounded understanding of the world we live in, linking our mysterious and intriguing past to our all too familiar present surroundings. 

The immersion into the culture and history of different countries has helped develop knowledge and understanding of people who live there.