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"Our knowledge of the world and how we make sense of it, is always from a certain standpoint, a certain location.

We see it from here, rather than from there!"


Doreen Massey, 1995


What is the purpose of Geography? (Intent)

We have designed our Geography curriculum so that our learners:

  • Foster a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people
  • Are provided with a range of opportunities that develop a deeper understanding of the four areas of geography; Locational knowledge, Place knowledge, Human and physical geography & Geographical skills and fieldwork
  • Have developed and enriched vocabulary to support their geographical knowledge


How do we teach geography? (Implementation)

Our Geography curriculum is taught:

  • Using a clear progression of skills and knowledge through challenging and appropriately pitched teaching based on the EYFS Framework and National curriculum
  • Through regularly providing opportunities to develop locational knowledge and mapping skills
  • By providing opportunities to experience geography through practical lessons outside of the classroom (such as school grounds and local environment) and in other areas of the curriculum


What is the impact of geography on our pupils? (Impact)

The impact of the Geography curriculum at All Saints CofE Primary can be seen through:

  • Our children will be confident talking about what they have learnt in geography and use geographical vocabulary accurately
  • Our children will be able to pose geographical questions and draw conclusions about the wider world and people in it
  • Our children have an understanding of how they can help care for the Earth, its people and resources beyond school and into adulthood


Geography Subject Lead: Mrs Richmond


Mrs Richmond chose to lead Geography because...

It gives us an opportunity to think critically about the world around us. It helps us to understand the environment, natural resources, and how human activities impact the planet. Through studying maps, graphs, and data, we will learn how to analyse information, interpret data, and draw conclusions from our findings.

What the children think ...

Working Walls

Geography Progression Map